Mission & History


  • An innovative, collaborative learning environment that fosters critical thinking
  • Knowledgeable, engaging teachers


  • Striving to create a safe, supportive community of involved and invested families
  • Providing opportunities for families to build friendship through community-created celebrations, clubs, workshops, and welcoming spaces
  • ​Supporting an inclusive, inviting and affirming environment of respect and appreciation for diversity


  • Offering classes, clubs, and community for the entire family in a single location
  • Remaining independent of any public school or religious organization
  • Providing a wide variety of classes to complement diverse homeschooling methods
FLP celebrates its 5th birthday in Spring 20161

FLP celebrates its 5th birthday in Spring 2016

History is not a burden on the memory, but an illumination of the soul. (unknown)

The Family Learning Program was founded by a group of parents with a vision of a gathering place in which homeschoolers of all philosophies could connect, take classes and share in open-ended activities. Their vision and planning led to a partnership with Seattle Parks & Recreation’s Southwest Teen Life Center, offering classes and community to 20 homeschooling families when it launched in the winter of 2011. Our program is now a thriving hub for more than 70 homeschooling families in Seattle and beyond and continues to evolve. More than just a place for homeschooled kids to take classes, FLP’s multi-dimensional and multi-generational environment offers opportunities for the whole family.

Thank you to founding member Veruska Goerz, for sharing her thoughts on how FLP shaped her family’s homeschooling experience.