How Does It All Work?

FLP is quite a unique endeavor and therefore often confusing to newcomers. It can be difficult to provide a short answer to the most common questions ( who does what? how does this thing really work?) and so we hope this page helps iron it all out.


The FLP Steering Committee, comprised of parent volunteers, plans and facilitates class schedules, activities and community-building in partnership with the Associated Recreation Council (ARC) and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SP&R). The Steering Committee volunteers oversee the program in coordination with ARC staff.

The role of the Steering Committee includes:

  • General vision and oversight of the program
  • Planning and scheduling classes
  • Identifying and recommending teaching candidates for hire by SP&R
  • Obtaining class descriptions from teachers and providing assistance when needed
  • Problem solving issues that arise within the program
  • Maintaining the FLP website
  • Ensuring the set-up and take-down of FLP materials is completed at Southwest Teen Life Center each class day
  • Publicity and advertising of the program and specific classes
  • Fundraising efforts to support the program
  • Ongoing volunteer recruitment and coordination


As mentioned above, the FLP Steering Committee works in coordination with Seattle Parks & Recreation (SP&R) and their non-profit partner Associated Recreation Council (ARC). They provide a dedicated staff to administer programming and provide custodial support during class times.

SP&R staff provide the following assistance:

  • Hiring and employment
  • Anything payroll related, including absences or missed classes
  • Class registration, including: providing the platform for class registration (SPARC), inputting class information descriptions and maximum number of students into SPARC
  • Working with teachers directly to determine the minimum number of students required for a class to make financial sense
  • Working with teachers directly to determine the class costs
  • Working with teachers directly to determine a class budget, and the way that the budget will be administered
  • Receiving and processing scholarship applications for FLP classes
  • Providing teachers with in-class support when needed

FLP is lucky to have a friendly and engaged staff person at Southwest Teen Life Center. Chris can be found at the front desk assisting teachers, volunteers and families during FLP hours. If you need to contact Chris outside of these times, he can be reached via email at or by calling 206-684-7438.


Parks & Rec staff and Steering Committee volunteers work together year-round to ensure FLP continues to be a success. Between budget meetings, program communications and problem solving, we are continually in touch. SP&R staff and the FLP Steering Committee work together to:

  • Review class enrollments and strategize how to proceed with classes that have low numbers, cancelling them when necessary.
  • Communicate with program families about last minute class cancellations through phone and email
  • Problem solve any facility-related problems that should arise (pertaining to classrooms or the Southwest Teen Life Center at large)

The bottom line is that we are all in this together to make FLP the smashing success that it is!