History of Medieval Trades | S18

Ages: 12-18
Day, Time: Tuesdays, 10:45-11:45
Location: Game room
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David Tuthill

David has been working with metals, beginning with jewelry, since the age of fifteen. He began forging as part of a sculpture course at Santa Barbara City College in 1988. He did not begin forging full-time until 1992 when he began to do Privately commissioned work.
Predominantly self-taught, he has been constantly challenging himself to further his skills by taking on tasks or designing jobs that force him to learn something new. He has been operating his business, FIRE HORSE FORGE in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle since1994, where he produces architectural commissions, as well as furniture, sculpture, knives, axes, and jewelry. Workshops are also frequently offered at his forge in Ballard.
David’s years in the Northwest have been the most formative in his metalworking career. With his love for the outdoors, being surrounded by the vast and expansive nature of the region, as well as a rich industrial history, including timber, maritime trades, and railroads, he has continued to learn and has been able to more fully appreciate and understand how the influence of his surroundings can be reflected in the pieces that he produces. “For most of my life I have been interested in history, and how it still directly, and indirectly influences us today.” “There is a connection to many of the traditions that brought us to where we are standing, so how do we give these ancient sensibilities, a modern voice, how do we relate it to now?”

class description

In this class we will learn about some of the trades that were pivotal in Medieval society. We will cover handcrafts and their necessity in those times, as well as guilds and why they were formed. We will talk about what it meant to be a trades person in the medieval age, and how it may have varied from country to country. also covered will be discussions about how different tradespeople worked together to be able to ply their trades.

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