Modern American Government

Day, Time: Fridays, 12:00-1:00
Location: Computer Room
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Steven Schroeppel

Steven Schroeppel has extensive experience working with children of a variety of ages and in different settings, including youth soccer coach, scouting leader, and tutor. He taught high school for 15 years in one of Seattle’s prominent private schools, in subjects including history, philosophy, economics, political science, ethics, literature, and French. He holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Washington, and graduate degrees from Georgetown and Harvard. He believes that the learning process should be a holistic experience, combining skill building and knowledge acquisition with exploration, development of differing perspectives, critical thinking, and above all, should fascinate.

class description

This course is intended to be a follow-on to the American Government I course taught in a prior term, which covered the fundamental structure, institutions, and functions of the American system of government. This course will focus more specifically on the actual ways in which government is conducted in the present day, the nature of the institutions and processes — both formal and informal — that operate in our contemporary society.

(Enrollment in the prior American Government I course is NOT a prerequisite for this class.)

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.


Students can expect regular (usually weekly) assignments for this course — brief reading selections, media research/observation, or short writing assignments. The expected time commitment will not be extensive.

field trips:


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parent involvement:

Parents welcome.

Age Variances:

Students outside of the age range listed on this class description will not be granted age variance admission.