Joining or starting a family-run club is just one more way to enjoy the community. With such varied interests and expertise in our midst, clubs offer opportunities to share and explore topics in a casual and low or no-cost way. Though our meeting space on-site is limited, anyone participating in FLP is invited to consider forming a club based on his or her family’s interests. We will do our best to find a spot for your club so that you can bring it to life.

  1. Email the Steering Committee and propose the idea for your club. We will get in touch with you to discuss logistics, such as facility needs, and work to schedule a time and location for your club meetings. Please keep in mind that due to time and space limitations, not all proposed club ideas will be able to meet at FLP.
  2. Provide a written description of your club for the FLP website, including the purpose of the club, what the club activities will be, the age range of the participants, the time and place of the meetings, and any rules or guidelines for participation. Email your written description to the Steering Committee.
  3. Spread the word! Advertise your club on the FLP Google group and in-person at FLP.

Continue to post updates and reminders about your club throughout the session in order to let the FLP community know about the fun and exciting things you are doing while encouraging new members to participate.

General Guidelines for FLP Clubs

Clubs need to be consistent with the mission of FLP and activities need to be within the scope of Seattle Parks & Recreation’s approved use of the facilities. Behavior and activities of FLP club participants will be governed by our Family Rights & Responsibilities document. Click here for a list of past clubs to help get your creative juices flowing!