Culture & Vision

From its inception in 2011 as a small group of twenty homeschooling families, the Family Learning Program’s core values of inclusiveness and respect have been central to creating the positive social environment that has drawn so many new families into our community over the years. As our program continues to grow and evolve, comprised today of a thriving and bustling group of 70+ families, our fundamental values and goals remain the same. We aspire to be a place where:

Families are inspired to learn in a positive, engaging environment. As a part of this positive and engaging environment, FLP aims that families be treated and treat one another with kindness and respect.

Families are connected to a safe, supportive community of involved and interested families.  Involved and interested families increase the safe and supportive environment of FLP. Involved and interested parents are aware of what’s happening on the playground and in the gym and provide guidance, support, and direction as appropriate.

Families will understand that FLP is comprised of humans working together, and as humans we make mistakes as we learn and grow. FLP aspires to have room for mistakes to occur and for forgiveness to happen.

We need the help of all families coming to FLP to foster these values within our community, so that it continues to be the warm and supportive environment which we have all come to love. Please discuss the following guidelines with your families and hold them in mind when at FLP.

FLP is a community. At FLP we aim to be good citizens by:

RESPECTING ONE ANOTHER. Showing respect for each other and respect for the surrounding space.

WELCOMING EVERYONE. Creating a welcoming environment for individuals to be themselves.

SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. Fostering a supportive environment where families feel comfortable to engage, connect, and build friendships with one another.

BEING SAFE. Maintaining a safe place for kids to play, learn, and explore.


FLP endeavors to foster a safe, inclusive, inviting and affirming climate of respect and appreciation for diversity such as racial, ethnic, socio-economic, cultural, age, religious belief, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, learning differences and exceptionalities.