Play is the highest form of research.
-albert einstein

FLP is lucky to have such a dynamic space at Southwest Teen Life Center! Families have the use of the entire downstairs and the upper landing and we have a wide range of spaces to meet different needs. Please check in with your family to be sure everyone is familiar with the shared expectations below, so that spaces continue to be safe and enjoyable for everyone.


Even though the Game Room occasionally hosts a class, it is our dedicated quiet space. You may find parents hard at work on their computers, readers curled up on the couch, quiet card games at the table, or even napping in the corner. This room shall host conversations at a low volume only in order to provide quiet to the adjoining classrooms.


The computer room often hosts classes, but is also open for use of the space for quiet activities and games (most recently the table was host to a rousing game of Magic). Please note that the computers are not available to the FLP program unless used in conjunction with a class.


Just outside the gymnasium doors are two silver carts, fully loaded with art supplies, games and puzzles. Young and old alike enjoy the carts, especially on rainy days. The surrounding seating is perfect for projects, but please ensure all items remain clear of the hallway floors; students and families must be able to walk to the restrooms, gym and surrounding classrooms without stepping over toys and crafts. All items must be returned to the cart by 2:00p each day. A special thank you to the Hospitality Committee for setting up and taking down each day and keeping the carts stocked and organized!


Swing! Jump! Skip! Slide! Roll in the wood chips! The playground is always in use (even on the rainiest and coldest of days), so join in the fun of tag, hide-and-seek or sit back and watch.


The lawn area is often home to soccer, frisbee, touch football, and capture the flag. Find a friend, make new friends, and have fun!


The gym space is often loud and busy, but it is always fun to watch the kids in action! Children of all ages are welcome on both sides of the gym, as long as they are prepared to be engaged in the types of play specific to each side. Since the gym is our most mixed-use space, please ensure your children are aware of and follow these rules:

  • The black dividing curtain should not be leaned on, pulled, pushed or otherwise played with.
  • The far side of the gym is for fast play only. Basketballs must remain on the fast play side of the gym at all times. No toddler riding toys are allowed on the fast play side of the gym.
  • The near side of the gym is for slow play only. No basketballs are allowed on the slow play side of the gym at any time. Toddler riding toys are only for children ages 5 and under.
  • When a class is in session on the fast play side of the gym, all fast play must move outside. Only the slow play side of the gym will remain open, with all slow play side rules in force. This ensures the slow play side of the gym remains a safe space for all ages and the students and instructor in the class on the fast-play side can communicate effectively.

Please note: Per the SP&R policy, no animals are permitted inside Southwest Teen Life Center and Pool.