The classes and teachers have suited us very well. The only problem? Having to choose between two classes that are great, at the same time.

What a unique resource, to find such a diversity of classes, kids and opportunities in one place!

For me, the mama, I so value the opportunity to connect with other parents and to wear my toddler out in the open gym.

It’s given [my oldest] a sense of competence and independence to go all by herself into the classroom. My five year old loves the crew he plays with in the gym and outside, and the baby loves all the friendly faces and laps, as well as the giant stairs! I love to chat with other homeschooling friends, watch the bonds grow between children of many different ages, and witness all the creative play they engage in together. It’s one of the cornerstones of our week.

FLP has captured the hearts of my kids and family. It is the place where they play and learn in equal measure, surrounded every week by friends old and new. It is the grounding force in our homeschool life, a consistent community that gives my kids a sense of roots and belonging. For five years, FLP has been the place where my kids have grown and changed and explored their passions – through classes, clubs, and play, and with the constancy of the unique, supportive, nurturing community of families that surrounds them.

FLP is about people. Teachers, students, parents, friends, families. We are ever-thankful for the opportunity to participate in this vibrant community!


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what do kids and teens think about us?

The classes are awesome!

There’s a good variety of people and it’s helpful for making friends. 

It’s fun to play with a lot of other homeschoolers!

FLP is so fun and you can meet new people and there are even classes here! 

All the FLP moms and dads are so nice and I like to laugh with them.