Volunteer Power

FLP is run on 100% volunteer power and our families make things happen. Peruse our class schedule, pull a game off the shelf for your child or add a piece to the community quilt, and you can be sure a parent volunteer helped make it possible.

Volunteering can be as easy as setting up (or taking down) the coffee & tea table and the activity shelves as the FLP day starts and ends. It can be as rewarding as greeting newcomers, hosting a club or planning an event. And it can be as schedule-friendly as helping behind-the-scenes from home.

The Steering Committee works with families interested in lending a hand, their talents and time to ensure FLP continues to thrive. If you would like to volunteer, let us know!

We are now recruiting volunteers for events, hospitality, teacher support & clubs and community projects. Where you can dig in to help FLP grow?