Evolution | S19

Ages: 11-18
Day, Time: Fridays 12:00-1:00
Location: Computer room


Emilie Bess

Emilie Bess, PhD, has studied and taught insect biology, botany, and evolutionary biology for more than 20 years. Since 2014, she has focused on early childhood learning. In 2017, she and her wife Anna founded Seattle Nature Schools, a homeschool and outdoor education program. In high school, Emilie started drawing comics and publishing zines about politics, her own life, and scientific topics. She is a proud member of the board of Short Run Comix and Arts Festival and an avid supporter of small press publishing in Seattle and beyond.

class description

Biological evolution has created the amazing diversity of animals, plants, and other living organisms on the planet earth. In this class, we’ll learn about how evolution works by exploring questions like, ‘Are birds actually dinosaurs?’ ‘Is my poodle’s great-grandpa a wolf?’ and ‘Is there DNA in my salad?’ Using hands-on projects, we’ll study how scientists have pieced together the history of life on earth, and how evolution is at the heart of all life science.

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

4th grade reading level. Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.


Optional 15-30 min homework assignments, e.g. researching animals of interest, drawing family trees

field trips:


additional fees/supplies:

Each student will need a copy of Grandmother Fish by Tweet & Lewis ($10-20 online)

parent involvement:

This class is intended for students only.

Age Variances:

Please see our Age Variance Policy.