Before Session Starts

FLP is managed by a group of parent volunteers (the FLP Steering Committee) in partnership with the Associated Recreation Council (ARC), a program of Seattle Parks and Recreation (SP&R). Teachers will receive communication prior to sessions beginning and should reply as soon as possible, to ensure all deadlines and employment requirements are met.

We have an obligation with our limited space and time to offer classes that meet community demands with an eye toward sufficient enrollments for the fiscal health of the program. While we wish we could always offer all of our teachers spots on the schedule every session, sometimes the community needs and interests shift over time and schedule changes are made to reflect that shift.  In addition, sometimes despite our very best efforts, classes may be cancelled for low enrollment.

Enrollment for FLP classes is administered through the SP&R registration system (SPARC). Registration usually begins 4-6 weeks before each session begins, and ends on the second day of each class session. The Steering Committee reviews enrollments closely during this time and broadly advertises all classes among various homeschool networks. Teachers may contact Chris Jones with Seattle Parks & Rec to obtain their class rosters before the first day of classes start.

Approximately 2 weeks after registration begins the Steering Committee meets with SP&R/ARC to review overall enrollments for the program and more specifically, classes with the lowest enrollment numbers. We work together to find ways to ensure that each class will run and create new strategies to increase enrollments. However, if a class has such low numbers that we do not foresee it receiving enough enrollments on or before the first day to be viable, we may cancel the class prior to the first day. This is always a last resort and you will, of course, be notified as soon as possible.

Budgets for class supplies are determined and approved by ARC, with input from teachers. Please carefully consider all supplies you will need for your class when discussing with ARC, so that the amount can be included in the total class cost. Supplies that have not been included in the overall class cost, and which families will be responsible for purchasing, must be indicated in your class description(s) so that parents are aware prior to enrolling their children.

Field trips and off-site activities can be fun and rewarding ways to extend the classroom experience and they require approval from ARC prior to the first day registration. If you are planning such an activity, please let the Steering Committee know and contact ARC for approval. Please note that not all students may be able to attend such events, so preparation for them should not interfere with regular class work. Also, all fees and/or supplies related to field trips and off-site activities must be approved by ARC prior to the first day of registration and clearly indicated in your class description(s).