Your First Day

On the first day of classes, a member of our Steering Committee will be in the lobby to greet you and show you to your classroom. Since class locations are subject to change, please check the schedule prior to the first day. All information pertaining to timesheets will be communicated to you by SP&R/ ARC.


Teachers should check the roster and ensure children present in the classroom are registered for the class. Any student present that is not registered for the class should be directed to their parent and the SP&R/ARC staff person on-duty at the front desk.


Teachers are responsible for classroom set-up. If you have any requests regarding equipment (e.g. whiteboard, etc.) or need assistance with room set-up, please contact SWTLC prior to the first day of class. Open-access WiFi is available throughout Southwest Teen Life Center.


Our partnership with SP&R/ARC includes the agreement that all classrooms and social spaces occupied by the FLP will be left clean for the teens that use the facility after us. Please help us uphold this agreement by ensuring that your classroom is in good condition for the next teacher or group using it. If you foresee a day in which you will need assistance cleaning up after a class project, please allow enough time at the end of class for students to help, or contact a member of the Steering Committee and we will try to find a parent volunteer.


In an effort to support both our students and teachers, we created the Family Rights and Responsibilities policy. This policy is posted on our website and has been shared with the FLP community. We encourage you to review it with your class on the first day and establish any additional classroom guidelines that will ensure a successful session for you and your students. If at any time during the session you need assistance in helping a student meet his/her responsibilities, please feel free to contact the student’s parent; if you feel you need additional assistance, please contact a member of the FLP Steering Committee.