Hands On Math | F19

Ages: 5-7
Day, Time: fridays 12:00-1:00
Location: cafe


Marcia Miller

Marcia Miller is a longtime homeschooling mom, unschooling advocate, gardener, and math enthusiast. She has a background as an elementary and middle school teacher, enjoyed a couple years working at an outdoor preschool, and has a masters degree in reading and language arts. Marcia loves to grow things like flowers, berries, fruit trees, and all kinds of vegetables. She has experimented with a variety of gardening styles and methods including square foot gardens, farm-style row gardens, raised beds, perennial garden landscapes, and integrated kitchen gardens. Marcia also loves playing with mathematical ideas, games, numbers, and patterns. She is a much-loved math resource for homeschoolers throughout the Seattle area. You can read more about her family’s homeschooling and gardening adventures on her website and blog:



class description

Do you enjoy patterns, shapes, numbers, games, stories, and hands-on activities? Join us as we explore a variety of mathematical ideas with materials such as pattern blocks, Cuisenaire rods, square color tiles and cubes, geoboards, two-colored counters, cards, and dice. We’ll play math games, talk about numbers, solve problems, read math-related children’s books, and have fun together!

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.

  • An interest in numbers, arithmetic, and thinking about mathematical story problems
  • An ability to think about and solve simple arithmetic problems.
  • An ability to work with and alongside others, and listen to others as they share various problems and problem-solving ideas and methods.



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