Independent Writers: Fiction | W19

Ages: 10-15
Day, Time: fridays 10:45-11:45
Location: game room


Nancy Schatz Alton

Nancy Schatz Alton is a freelance writer and editor. For almost two decades, she’s written for many types of publications, websites and clients. Find her current work at and on her personal blog, She believes everyone can enjoy writing within the environment that works for them. She’s the co-author of The Healthy Back Book and The Healthy Knees Book. She also writes poetry most every day and is working on the sixth draft of her memoir about her journey helping her dyslexic daughter.

class description

Bring your imagination and a willingness to write in class! I’ll teach the basic building blocks of writing fiction and students will spend a chunk of time in each class writing. We’ll read some excerpts of short stories, we’ll workshop our classmates writing homework, and we’ll make a collection of our edited short stories as a final project. Students will be expected to read fiction while taking this class, and we’ll talk about what they like and don’t like about what they are reading. We’ll have lots of fun while we talk about what makes for good writing and reading.

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.

Ability to write in class.


Homework will be assigned every week. It’s my goal to have kids writing daily as often as possible and for every student to create one (or more) polished short stories during the class time frame. How much time they spend is up to each student and family, but one to three hours outside of class seems reasonable to me.

field trips:


additional fees/supplies:

A notebook/paper and writing utensil

parent involvement:

This class is intended for students only.

Age Variances:

Please see our Age Variance Policy.