Introduction to Programming Games with Scratch | S19

Ages: 8-11
Day, Time: tuesdays 10:45-11:45
Location: Computer room


Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee loves to teach, mentor and share her love of technology, science, and literature. She holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science from Cornell University, with a specialization in Machine Learning and Operation Research. Her industry experience ranges from software development and project management in supply chain, 3rd party merchant, and transportation systems. Currently, she is focused on homeschooling in her community and technical projects to build stronger communities.

class description

In this class, we’ll learn fundamental programming concepts and how to apply them to build games in Scratch. Scratch was designed to be quick and easy to use with ready-made blocks of code. The goal is to inspire a love for problem solving and creating with technology.

Programming is more than learning to write code. It’s learning to identify objectives, decompose problems, and working with others to design a solution. It’s a powerful tool for creating solutions in almost every field from space, gaming, medical research to art.

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.

It’s recommended to have basic keyboarding and mouse skills. In addition, 1st grade reading skills are recommended for reading menu options and writing simple phrases.


Optionally, students can continue to work on their projects after class at home.

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