Juggling & Mindfulness | W19

Ages: 9-18
Day, Time: friays 10:45-11:45
Location: room 2


Kimber Xara


I have been an inspired learner my whole life, and I have no intention of stopping. I believe that we can all learn from one another and that being present is a key to that beautiful potential. It has been a joy to support the growth of many children and young people over the years both as a Nanny and small group educator. I am currently wrapping up a degree at Antioch University Seattle in “Collaborative Social Change.”

class description

This class is primarily about learning to juggle yet also an opportunity to be in the present moment. I find that young people (just like adults) can be distracted by juggling too many tasks (pun intended), and that intentionally learning to juggle 3 bean-bags can bring a certain focus and a clarity of mind. I incorporate breathing, patience, self-awareness, and yes… humor into each class so being present is also a really good time!

Required Skills for Students to Be Successful in This Class:

Compliance with Family Rights & Responsibilities.


Juggling will improve with practice, so doing so throughout the week is recommended. My hope is that being more aware and mindful will be a natural byproduct of this class.

field trips:


additional fees/supplies:

Quality juggling beanbags are recommended, (much easier to learn with) I personally like Renegade Juggling: “Teaching vinyl beanbags.” If a parent or sibling would like to join us half-way through the class… then buy another 3 balls!

parent involvement:

Parents are welcome to quietly observe. Please arrange with the teacher prior to class.

Age Variances:

Please see our Age Variance Policy.