Age Variances

Before seeking an age variance, please read the class description page.  If a class is not open to age variances, it will be indicated on the class description page.  If no age variances are permitted, please accept the policy for that class.  It is completely up to the instructor as to whether an age variance will be permitted.  We defer to instructors to know what is best for their classroom.

If the course description does not prohibit age variances, please continue to read the class description, homework expectations, and prerequisites carefully with your child. Honestly assess if it makes sense for your child to be allowed an age variance.

If so, contact the instructor of the course via email to request an age variance (email addresses can be found on the Instructor’s Bio page).  You will need to (briefly) make your case for why you believe a variance should be allowed.  Instructors may choose to allow or disallow the request – this is truly up to the instructors.

If the variance is allowed, you will forward the instructor’s email granting you permission to Chris Jones at Seattle Parks & Rec. To register a child for a class with an age variance, you must register in person with Chris Jones on the first day of the class.  An age variance cannot be registered prior to the first day of class.  This means that highly competitive classes may be unavailable for age variance registrations.