Family Rights & Responsibilities

All participants at the Family Learning Program have both rights and responsibilities, some of which are included here. Efforts are made to support all members of our community in upholding their rights and responsibilities.

Students have the right to:

  • A productive learning environment
  • Expect staff, instructors, and volunteers to collaborate with them or act on their behalf to help them solve their problems
  • Engage in a respectful speech that expresses their thoughts and opinions as long as it is not disruptive to the educational environment

Students are responsible for:

  • Taking an active role in learning; this includes being prepared for class by bringing appropriate materials, completing homework and arriving on time
  • Their own behavior, including being courteous, responsible, considering the safety and welfare of both self and others and respecting property

Should a student neglect his or her responsibilities the following actions may occur:

  • Teacher may address the student in the classroom setting
  • Teacher may speak to the student after class
  • Parents or guardian may be asked to sit in on class for a period of time
  • Student may be removed from class for the day and placed in the care of Seattle Parks & Recreation staff until a parent or guardian can be contacted
  • Seattle Parks & Recreation staff may conference with parent and/or guardian
  • Seattle Parks & Recreation staff may withdraw the student from the class permanently (see withdrawal policy under Help Desk on SPARC website)

Parents have the right to:

  • Timely notification from Parks & Rec staff when a day of class is cancelled
  • Communicate with teachers in-person, via email or through FLP’s Google Group
  • Withdraw student from any class, in accordance with Seattle Parks & Rec policies (see withdrawal policy under Help Desk on SPARC website. Please note that a child is not permitted to sit in on a class as a “trial” without having registered first.

Parents have the responsibility to:

  • Remain onsite or designate an alternate adult for their child’s supervision
  • Provide appropriate supervision of their child(ren) when not in class
  • Review these rights and responsibilities with their child(ren)
  • Review Facility Rules and Space Use Guidelines with their child(ren)

Please note: If a student is withdrawn permanently from a class, partial refunds for the class may not be available from Seattle Parks and Recreation. Classes for the Family Learning Program are provided by Seattle Parks and Recreation, therefore, all Seattle Parks and Recreation rules and regulations apply and may supersede the guidelines listed above.