Registration, Waitlists, Withdrawals, Cancellations & Refunds

Seattle Parks & Recreation administers all registration, waitlists, withdrawals, cancellations and refunds for FLP classes. Therefore, all families are subject to Parks & Rec policies and guidelines, available on their website by clicking on the Help Desk link. Please ensure you periodically review these policies, as they apply to every individual, regardless of method used to register for classes.

FLP volunteers (including those on the Steering Committee) do not have access to registration data or waitlists and cannot assist in obtaining refunds for withdrawals or cancellations. All communication for these situations must be directed to Parks & Rec:

Southwest Teen Life Center
Chris Jones –
2801 SW Thistle Street
Seattle, WA 98126

The following tips were gathered by FLP families experienced in registering for classes through Parks & Rec:

  1. Families may register for classes via Seattle Parks & Recreation’s (SP&R) online registration system, on the phone to any SP&R community center, or in person at any SP&R community center.  Registration for FLP classes remains open through the end of said class period in the second week of session.
  2. Families registering for FLP classes using an age variance must register in person at Southwest Teen Life Center on the first day of said class. Families registering for FLP classes using scholarship funds must do so with Southwest Teen Life Center directly (telephone or in-person) at time of registration.
  3. Check out FLP’s current course listing and plan your family’s schedule. You can search SP&R’s online registration system by registration numbers listed in the class description, or perform a blanket search for “FLP”.
  4. Mark your calendars with the registration day and time so you don’t miss out. Registration always opens at noon and some families report using a mobile device ensures access to SP&R’s online registration system better than a full browser.
  5. If a class you wish to register for is full, a waitlist button will appear on the class information page in SP&R’s online registration system. We heartily recommend that you click on it so that your child’s name will be added to the waitlist (or if you are enrolling over the phone, simply ask for the name to be added). It’s possible that someone will withdraw from the class and your child will gain a space, or the teacher may accept additional students if his or her budget and lesson plans allow. You will be contacted by SP&R should a spot in the class open, so please ensure your phone and email are updated in your SP&R account.

Remember that all students must be registered for a class before attending as “class trials” are not permitted. Students who attend a class without being registered will be directed to the Seattle Parks & Recreation staff on duty by the teacher.

This information regarding class withdraws, transfers, refunds and cancellations is taken from the website of Seattle Parks and Recreation (click on their Help Desk link for further information).

  • How do I withdraw from a course? 
    Contact the center to withdraw from a course.
  • How do I transfer from one course to another?
    Only center staff can withdraw you from one course to register for another. Contact the center, and they will help you change your course selection.
  • Will I get a refund if I withdraw from a course?
    Any person who registers for a program and who requests a refund before the second class session may receive a prorated refund minus a service charge.
    > Refunds, Reductions & Waivers (SP&R website)
  • Will I get a refund if a course is canceled?
    It is the policy of Seattle Parks and Recreation and the Associated Recreation Council that anyone who registers for a course, camp, special event or program that is canceled for any reason by Parks and Recreation or the Advisory Council will receive a full refund.