Posting Guidelines for the Family Learning Program Google Group

The following posting guidelines have been established to help keep this group an effective resource for information related to FLP.

The purpose of this list is to inform families about FLP and for all to share resources and build community together. Members are also welcome to post about supplemental activities for our homeschooling families that take place outside of the regular FLP schedule.

  • If an event or class that you would like to promote falls during the FLP meeting times, we encourage you to instead take advantage of one of the many other general homeschooling boards to advertise it.
  • We ask that before posting any photos of FLP children to this group or other social media, members obtain permission from the child(ren)’s parents.
  • As with all FLP events and communications, we endeavor to create a safe, supportive community through civility and mutual respect.

If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to email the Steering Committee at

Thank you!
The FLP Steering Committee